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This station with a refined design can equip landlocked territories and enable the electrification of regions of the world where the electricity network is poorly developed or not developed at all.

Installation locations :

  • Parkings

  • Private gardens

  • Petrol stations

  • The resting areas of the highway

  • Cities, towns, villages

  • And many other places on the planet.


Each 5m² module of semi-flexible photovoltaic panels allows the Gazelle to be charged to travel nearly 15,000 kms/year with a daily exposure of 6 to 7 hours.

The energy efficiency of the panels continues to increase.

Costs keep coming down.
Two options:

  1. Station directly connected to the national network.

  2. Equipment of a superconductor that replaces the battery and allows the storage of the energy produced

The purpose of a wind turbine is not only to generate additional electricity, but also to scare birds.
Indeed, bird droppings are an obstacle to the installation and generalisation of solar panels.
The wind turbine is equipped with an infrared detector. When a bird approaches, it starts to rotate rapidly for a few seconds.
The air current and the slight shaking of the structure cause the bird to flee.

Évolution de l'ombrière :

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